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SEO Services: Good or Bad?

SEO Services: Good or Bad?The search engines play a major part in online marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) services are provided by marketing companies to help you gain targeted traffic through Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other major or minor search engines. But are SEO services good or bad for your business? Should you use a marketing company's SEO services or try to "woo" the search engines into picking you as a leader and an authoritative company all on your own? Here are some things to consider.SEO Services can be ValuableUnfortunately as a business owner, you usually are torn between two important aspects of your business - promotion and operation. You've probably heard this phrase many times... "You are too busy working in your business to work on your business." This statement still holds true with Internet business. Whether you are offering services to a small group of clients, have a giant corporation, or own an online retail store, you face the same dilemma. Using another company's SEO services can benefit you in several ways. One, it frees your time for other important matters. Two, you are able to receive help from someone who spends all their time analyzing and testing the search engines for results. They already know what it could take you years to learn! Three, you can save time and money for other types of promotions if you're not spending all your time trying to race your competitors to the top of the listings.Things to Look for in SEO Services and an SEO FirmSEO services can include many different types of services such as keyword density help for all your web pages, search engine submission, search engine optimization to target certain areas of the world or your country or state, and/or content writing services. For example, the company may offer UK search engine optimisation if your market generally lives in the U.K. They might write keyword-rich articles for you or provide you with a steady list of new keywords you can add to your site pages to make your site more search engine friendly.Choose an SEO service that provides the most value for your money. Be sure they have experience in SEO rankings and can provide you with a valid list of company references that you can contact if needed. Check with the Better Business Bureau online to be sure the company doesn't have excessive customer complaints.Also, choose a company that offers proof that their system has worked in the past. There are no guarantees that any system will work every time, but having proof of past successes will give you peace of mind that the company really knows its stuff. Talk with the SEO consultant to find out how they plan to improve your search engine rankings ahead of time. Ask them to explain the process to you.Beware of ScamsIf an SEO company makes amazing promises such as those promising to get your site listed at the top of Google under your major keyword within 30 days for only $19.95, this should be a red flag. This promise is unrealistic, especially if your business is brand new. Also, the company cannot actually "guarantee" a top listing. They can only guarantee that your site will get listed under some of your major keywords. You might attract traffic under hundreds of keywords after using legitimate SEO services.The one thing to remember about SEO services is that it must be an ongoing process. Don't expect any SEO firm to work miracles overnight. They must analyze your business, study your market, find suitable keywords for your business, and begin a series of changes to optimize your site for the best possible results.

Niche Marketing means different things to different people.

Niche Marketing means different things to different people.

The term niche marketing means different things to different people.Generally it is known to mean the developing of websites in sub mainstream market segments to profit from selling products, generating advertising revenue or other forms of website monetization.Niche marketing is effective because it allows you to operate in markets that are less competitive meaning you have the potential as a new or seasoned marketer to capitalize on big opportunities with relative ease and far less cost. Particularly for new marketers, "niche marketing" can be the key to riches because it allows you to compete on a level playing field. You don't have to jump into the ring with the heavy weights, you can develop your skills in the junior divisions before moving into the big leagues.If you pick the right niche you can build your site, extablish yourself as an expert, sell your own products, recommend other people's products, the opportunities can be endless and good money can certainly be made.The trouble is that as niche marketing grows in popularity, many of the markets we called niche markets are now not so nichey at all, they're almost as bad as mainstream markets in terms of their competitiveness and difficulty to profit from.The markets that spring to mind are things like acne, dog training, or anxiety. Markets like these, while they can still be profitable will not make the average web marketer alot of money at all. Even the more nichey versions, acne treatments, dog training videos or anxiety relief are difficult for most people to compete in and make money.Then there's the other extreme. You can go to the tiny tiny niches that get almost no search volume. You can find "long tail" keywords like 'pug training schools in atlanta" or "acne treatments that work in 2 days". The problem with these are, 1. that they often don't get enough traffic and 2. they are so specific that even if you can drive traffic, there isn't much you can do to serve those people except show them ads. Again this can be profitable if you know how to do it but it seems like there just has to be an easier way...The niche marketers that really make the most money are those that know how to find the perfect balance between competition and search volume. Not only that but they know how to analyze the nature of a niche market to determine how much potential it really has before they enter it.By doing this they find markets that can make them big money very quickly, faster than most people think possible.Then when they do "find markets" they know how to make sites that will capitalize on them as effectively and efficiently as soon as possible. The result? Big profits, easily, and quickly.There is no doubt that niche marketing although often a tricky game, can be wildly profitable when done right.

Bingo History: Story of the Game Bingo

Bingo History: Story of the Game Bingo

The origins of contemporary bingo go back to 16th century Italy, where the lottery game Lo Giuoco del Lotto dItalia was introduced. The popular chance game was introduced to North America in the late 1920s by the name of Beano. A toy salesperson of New York was responsible for changing the name of the game into Bingo and to the increase of its popularity throughout the US. In the late 18th century, the original Italian lotto game made its way to France. Historical evidence shows that a game called Le Lotto was popular among the French high society who used to play the game in parties and social gatherings. Le Lotto used to be played with special cards that were divided into three rows and nine columns. Each of the three columns consists of 10 numbers, while each column had five random number and four blank spaces in it. Each player had a different lotto card where he used to mark the number announced by the caller. The first player to cover one row won the game.By the 19th century, the lotto game spread around Europe and started to serve as a didactic childrens game. In the 1850s, several educational lotto games had entered the German toys market. The lotto games purpose was to teach children how to spell words, how to multiply numbers, etc. By 1920s, a similar version to the lotto game, known as beano was popular at county fairs throughout the US. In beano, the players placed beans on their cards to mark the called out number. The first player who completed a full row on his card, used to yell out Beano!, until one night in December 1929, when a New Yorker toys salesperson by the name of Edwin S. Lowe visited a country fair outside Jacksonville, Georgia. On his way back to New York, Lowe had purchased beano equipment including dried beans, a rubber numbering stamp and cardboard. At his New York home, Lowe has been hosting friendly beano games. During one game, one excited winner who had managed to complete a full row stuttered out Bingo, instead of Beano. Listening to the excited stuttering girl, "Edwin S. Lowe" thoughts went away. Lowe decided to develop a new game that would be called Bingo.While Lowes Bingo game was making its first steps in the market, a Pennsylvanian priest asked Lowe to use the game for charity purpose. After a short tryout period, the priest had found out that the bingo game causes the churches to lose money. Since the variety of bingo cards was limited, each bingo game ended up in more than five winners. In order to develop the game and to lower the probabilities of winning, Lowe approached Prof. Carl Leffler, a mathematician from Columbia University. Leffler was asked to create bigger variety of "bingo cards" that each of them will have unique combination of numbers. By 1930, Lowe had 6,000 bingo cards and Prof. Leffler went insane. Since then, the popularity of the bingo game as a fundraiser continued to grow. In less than five years, about 10,000 weekly bingo games took place throughout North America. Lowes company grew to employ several thousands of employees and to occupy more than 60 presses 24 hours a day. Now, bingo is one of the most popular "chance game" s in the world. It is played in churches, schools, local bingo halls and land based casinos in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

The new Mac Air:Some of the features of the thinnest yet

The new Mac Air:Some of the  features of the thinnest yet

The new addition to the Mac family has finally landed, the MacBook Air, and yes it is amazingly thin. This laptop sure does live up to its name, MacBook Air is thin like air itself. This laptop is the worlds thinnest laptop to be made. This laptop has many great qualities that other manufacturers cant copy, and put into such a small space. There is an illuminated keyboard for use in dark areas such as planes,trains and automobiles. So far this is the best thing that Mac has ever created.There are many good features on the Macbook Air. The first thing is that there is a flip down hatch that reveals all the ports. Just close the hatch and it feels like they were never there.The multi-touch trackpad, has a lot of uses, such as swiping, rotating or zooming in and zooming out, and progressing through an album. The new touch system in the iPhone and the iPod are now in the Macbook Air as well. Also, like the previuos Macbooks this notebook has a built in web cam, so you can chat with and see your friends that are in landsfar away. The built in camera can be used for many other applications, such as making a presentationor slide shows. Since this laptop has a resolution of 1280 by 800 the screen gives you lush, vibrant, and rich colours at full brightness, which makes looking at the screen even more fun. As for the keyboard it is full-size with sufficient keys just like the ones on the other MacBooks. Although Mac took this laptop to a new level, the keyboard has an installed backlight key illumination, making it easier to work in those dark areas. Also Mac has added a bigger multi-touch trackpad, for those hard to do jobs such as moving the scroll bar without dragging the scrollbar.This notebook is not heavy at all. In fact it only weighs 3 pounds, and is only 1/2" thick. In spite of its skinny size it has a screen that is 12.1/2" inches wide, and 13.1/4" inches diagonal. That is really big for a laptop that is so thin. Many people think that because its so thin that it wont have a USB port or a audio port, and many other things, well it does, but the company limited the port to 1 USB port, but the laptop still has one. As for those people who download stuff, well good news. Macbook Air comes with a 2GB of RAM built in which isnt a lot, but enough & The good news is that you have an option to upgrade to a 64 GB Solid-State RAM. So if you like downloading stuff, then this is the way ahead. There are many great features about the new family member, Macbook Air. So if youre planning on buying a laptop then consider this as one . It will make a great gift for anyone. If you want to bring some one joy in your family then get the thinnest laptop ever made, the Macbook Air.prices start at about 1200/$2000us laptop computers

Are You A Business Opportunity Seeker?

If you are involved in any type of multi-level, network marketing program, home based business, or other type of direct sales program, then you are probably interested in building your business using business opportunity seekers. These are people who have expressed an interest in a home-based business, extra-income opportunity, multi-level marketing, or entrepreneurship by signing up on one or many websites that match "business opportunity seekers" with the type of offering they are looking for.There are also people who may not be interested in actually running a business of their own, but simply want to make some extra income working for someone else. In this instant, what they may be looking for is to get a second or part-time job. Those who are serious business builders are business opportunity seekers who want to be in charge of their own fate, and be able to make their own decisions on business matters, not simply do what someone else wants or tells them to do.There are a number of list providers on the internet that specialize in gathering information on perspective business opportunity seekers, by asking them to fill out a simple form about what type of money making venture they are looking for. The lead company then compiles this information for sale to multi-level marketers (MLM) and other types of businesses who need fresh responsive leads, not just lists that have been circulated to thousands of people.Making calls to these people will not be a positive experience because they have already been bombarded with calls from your competition. They dont want to hear what you have to say. On the contrary, actually speaking with a true business opportunity seeker is a refreshing experience, because this person really wants to listen to you about what you have to offer. Lead companies also sell pre-qualified leads that can greatly increase your efficiency and level of success. These pre-qualified business opportunity seekers have been contacted by the lead company to verify the type of opportunity they are looking for, so that they can be matched as closely as possible for just the right fit.Business opportunity seekers have always been the primary target for any MLM, direct sales, home based businesses. It is not always possible to continue recruiting new people from your warm market only. At some point, all multi-level marketers must search for business builders outside of their group of family, friends, and co-workers to connect with those people who are just waiting to be found. So, are you a business opportunity seeker?

Payroll Virginia, Unique Aspects of Virginia Payroll Law and Practice

The Virginia State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payroll checks is:Department of TaxationDivision of Income Tax WithholdingP.O. Box 27264Richmond, VA 23261-7264(804) 367-8037 requires that you use Virginia form "VA-4, Employee's Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate" instead of a Federal W-4 Form for Virginia State Income Tax Withholding.Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401(k) to be treated in the same manner as the IRS code allows. In Virginia cafeteria plans are not taxable for income tax calculation; not taxable for unemployment insurance purposes. 401(k) plan deferrals are not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment purposes.In Virginia supplemental wages are required to be aggregated for the state income tax withholding calculation. You must file your Virginia state W-2s by magnetic media if you are have at least 250 employees and are required to file your federal W-2s by magnetic media. The Virginia State Unemployment Insurance Agency is:Virginia Employment CommissionLiability SectionP.O. Box 1358Richmond, VA 23218(804) 786-1485 State of Virginia taxable wage base for unemployment purposes is wages up to $8000.00. Virginia requires Magnetic media reporting of quarterly wage reporting if the employer has at least 250 employees that they are reporting that quarter.Unemployment records must be retained in Virginia for a minimum period of four years. This information generally includes: name; social security number; dates of hire, rehire and termination; wages by period; payroll pay periods and pay dates; date and circumstances of termination.The Virginia State Agency charged with enforcing the state wage and hour laws is:Department of Labor and IndustryLabor and Employment Law Division13 South 13th St.Richmond, VA 23219(804) minimum wage in Virginia is $5.15 per hour.There is also no general provision in Virginia State Law covering paying overtime in a non-FLSA covered employer. Virginia State new hire reporting requirements are that every employer must report every new hire and rehire. The employer must report the federally required elements of:

  • Employee's name
  • Employee's address
  • Employee's social security number
  • Employer's name
  • Employers address
  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
This information must be reported within 20 days of the hiring or rehiring.The information can be sent as a W4 or equivalent by mail, fax or electronically.There is no penalty for a late report in Virginia.The Virginia new hire-reporting agency can be reached at 800-979-9014 or 804-771-9733 or on the web at does not allow compulsory direct deposit Virginia requires the following information on an employee's pay stub:
  • Gross and Net Earnings
  • straight time and overtime pay
  • hours worked
  • purpose of deductions (upon request)
  • itemized deductions
Virginia requires that employee be paid no less often than monthly- salaried employees and hourly employees earning 150% of state's average weekly wage, if they agree; semimonthly or biweekly-hourly employees.In Virginia there are no statutory requirements concerning the lag time between when the services are performed and when the employee must be paid.Virginia payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by their next regular payday and that voluntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by the next regular payday. Deceased employee's wages of $15,000 must be paid to the surviving spouse; if none, distributees no less than 60 days after death; no qualification of estate.Escheat laws in Virginia require that unclaimed wages be paid over to the state after one year. The employer is further required in Virginia to keep a record of the wages abandoned and turned over to the state for a period of 5 years.There is no provision in Virginia law concerning tip credits against State minimum wage.In Virginia the payroll laws covering mandatory rest or meal breaks are only that minors under 16 must have 30 minutes rest after five hours of work.There is no provision in Virginia law concerning record retention of wage and hour records therefore it is probably wise to follow FLSA guidelines.The Virginia agency charged with enforcing Child Support Orders and laws is:Division of Child Support EnforcementDepartment of Social Services730 E. Broad St.Richmond, VA 23219(804) 692-1900* has the following provisions for child support deductions:
  • When to start Withholding? Next payday after service.
  • When to send Payment? Within 4 days of Payday if EFT is used.
  • When to send Termination Notice? "Promptly"
  • Maximum Administrative Fee? $5 per payment.
  • Withholding Limits? Federal Rules under CCPA.
Please note that this article is not updated for changes that can and will happen from time to time.


Learn about SEO services and how they can benefit you. Also, avoid the pitfalls of SEO for your company...